Friday, January 30, 2004

Some more Golda Meir quotes 

"Moses dragged us through the desert for 40 years to bring us to the one place in the Middle East where there was no oil."

"A leader who doesn't hesitate before he sends his nation into battle is not fit to be a leader."

"We do not rejoice in victories. We rejoice when a new kind of cotton is grown and when strawberries bloom in Israel."

"Don't be humble. You aren't that great."

"Whether women are better than men I cannot say, but they are certainly no worse."

"Those who don't know how to weep with their whole heart, don't know how to laugh either."

The deathcult™ strikes again 

Little Green Footballs points to the release of this video footage of the latest suicide mass-murder commited by an islamikaze™ of the religionism of peace™ deathcult™; in Jerusalem this time. [Warning! Very graphic]

Is this coming soon to a Rotterdam or paris metro, London underground or Vienna U-Bahn near you?
Most people seem to keep forgetting that the primary lesson of history is "Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it".

The LGF comments section makes for the usual very interesting reading. I've picked out a couple of comments that give some insight into the wider picture concerning deathcult™ terrorism perpetrated against Israel:

#40 Doss

I don't know how the people of Israel are so passive that they haven't demanded that their elected officials wage total war on the "Palestinians." This video shows the results of being more concerned with world opinion than with protecting Israeli children and parents. Never again, my ass. It is happening again. Why are Israelis not in the streets by the million demanding that total war be fought to make sure that this never happens again. And on the day that they release hundreds of prisoners. I don't get it. Does Israel have a latent death wish almost as powerful as the overt Pali one? I'm sorry if this sounds callous or disrespectful to my Israelis friends, but how is it that the Israeli public is not taking their leaders to task? The means to prevent most of these attacks is there, why not the will? I don't understand. Wasn't the whole idea behind Zionism and the establishment of the state of Israel to not be at the mercy of other nations and peoples, to be in control of their own security and well-being. If that was the whole point, why is this being allowed to happen. Do the Israelis really care more about what Russian, French, Malaysian, Colombian, American, Syrian, English, Sudanese, and Latvians think than they do that Shmuel is blown apart, Alex is shredded into hundred of pieces, Elad is blinded and paralyzed, Anna is burned over more of her body than not, puncture holes from shrapnel cover Idan's body, the last breath is drawn by David's lungs and Vitslav is shot in the face. Where's the fucking outrage? Why are there no protests of millions in the streets?

#118 Eldad

I'm Joe Israeli. I take the number 19 bus sometimes to the Hebrew University. Another day, another time I could have been in the place of one of the dead or mutilated. Now I can see the sirens from my balcony. No, I don't have a death wish and yes, I am furious and outraged. But what the hell can I do? 3 and a half years ago I was for Meretz and Peace Now, now I'm for Sharon. Thanks to me and hundreds of thousands like me the right has a majority in the Knesset. And so what? The simple fact remains that we cannot answer the fuckers measure for measure. Not because we're too good for that. We're not. And not because we don't want to. We do. But because we live in a democracy. If a commander orders his tanks to level a building where terrorists are hiding and kills a few dozen civilians, he will be burned at the stake by the cynical, backstabbing politicians of the left with the silent acquiescence of the spineless politicians of the right. If the defense minister decides to fight this war like the Americans in Iraq or the Russians in Chechnya, he will end up in jail and the Prime Minister will be out on the street before the smoke clears. Add to this the fact that America wants us to be a puppet, the EU wants us to be a pariah, and the Arabs want us dead. Israelis are not suicidal and we haven't lost our will to live. Don't listen to our politicians and extremists, we're actually very normal. We care for our children just the same as any other people. But we're caught between a rock and a hard place. Let's be frank. What we need to do to win this war is against international and Israeli law, and borders on genocide. There is no other way to win a war against a population of Islamikazees. Traitors in other words. If the men, women and children are blowing themselves up to kill you, that means that you have to fight and kill the men, women and children. And believe me, everyone here understands this. There are very few pro-Oslo idealists left. The Israelis who walk with Peace Now are people who are willing to sacrifice their countrymen (literally) for their idea of what a fair solution should be like. Our democracy isn't capable of winning against the Arab culture of suicide and racist hate. I better stop now because I'm very tired and pissed off, but here's just one final thought for you to consider. Try to look at the situation this way: start from the premise that Israel does want to destroy the terrorists, that she does has the will and the strength. Then work backwards and ask yourself why she cannot achieve that objective.

Regarding the term 'palestinians', Golda Meir said:
"There was no such thing as palestinians, they never existed. Before 1948, we were the palestinians."

Read about the term at Science Daily.

And as Golda Meir once famously said:
"There will be peace in the Middle East when the Arabs love their children more than they hate the Jews"

That isn't happening though. The religionism of peace™ is a deathcult. And needs to be crushed.
Will the "Infidels" wake up in time to still be able to do so though?

Update: A Jerusalem Post article regarding the release of this video footage.

Today's quote 

If you would understand your own age, read the works of fiction produced in it. People in disguise speak freely.

The Hutton Inquiry 

The official Hutton Inquiry website

The Belmont Club makes an interesting comparison and writes beautifully on the subject to boot:

There was Andrew Gilligan, charging the most powerful man in Britain with an empty Palm Pilot at the very point on which he was not prepared to yield. 'You, Mr. Prime Minister, made up the entire cassus belli for invading Iraq', he in effect said, without so much as an electron to stand on.

Every cardinal rule was violated. Attacking the enemy's strongest point with one's greatest weakness. Ignoring the enemy counterattack. Omitting to prepare any defense, or indeed inquire if there were any. Committing the army reserve while in effect pouring it into a sack. Then to crown it all, expecting vindication from the Hutton report when everything pointed to a rout. Where have we seen this before? Why in Hitler, consulting his horoscopes to predict a dramatic change in fortune, even as the US Army poured across the Rhine. In Saddam Hussein, who confidently ordered counterattacks by units that had already gone home. In every organization in which information has absolutely ceased to flow.

The very men who pretended to tell the world about the nuances of the Arab-Israeli conflict and about the cultural currents on a planet hostile to America, could not in the end tell themselves what was in their own correspondent's electronic notebook: even though they had built a towering castle of lies upon it.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

An accountant-esque quote 

A girlfriend is an expense.... a wife is an overhead

Oil, money, power, bribery, corruption, principles (lack thereof) etc. 

These figures make for unsurprisingly interesting reading. [hat tip InstaPundit]
Some highlights:

1.Syria: 14 individuals total 89 millions barrel. Including the son of minister of defence and Hamiadah Naana.
3.Cyprus: more than 33 millions including Mohammad Alhoni editor of AlArab newspaper who got 17 millions! Plus other 2 companies
4.Turkey: 11 individuals with 82.5 millions
11.Malaysia: 4 with 84.5 millions
17.Italy: 8 for 61.5 millions including church priest and companies
22.UK: 2 for 55.5 millions including George Galloway MP and Mujahdeen Khleek the Iranian group.
23.Canada: Arthur Mill Holland for 9.6 millions
24.USA: 2 for 17.5 millions including Shaker Khafaji and Samer Finsent
32.France: 11 for 169 millions including French Arab association
33.China: 5 for 84.1 millions
35.Palestinians: 6 for 37 millions including PLO and Abo Abas
36.Egypt: 11 for 82 millions including Khaled Jamal Abd Al Naser, Emad Eljalda and other companies
48.Swiss: 11 for 81 millions
52.Russia: the largest. 1 milliard and 366 millions given to the state! And the others are 46 individuals, parties, statesmen, and companies etc, given 1343.5 millions!

The swiss haven't changed their time-honoured traditions?
And a whole bunch of mohammad-bin-shoebombers™, george galloway, france and russia were also profiteering, while desparately trying to protect their very big interests by doing whatever they could to stop the Coalition of the Willing in the un for fear of what would be found in Iraq after the war?!? Nah! "I don't believe it".

The war in Iraq entailed huge monetary losses for the above. Their reactions at the time and their behaviour then and now were and are indeed very indicative. It will be interesting to see how this develops.

Update: Here is apparently a complete list (translated here).

Tim Blair links to articles by the Telegraph and this independant article (which of course does its best to spin and cast doubt by using the well-worn terms 'claims', 'US-backed' and 'which it said').

Nearly every country and individual that was so vocally against the Coalition of the Willing is listed. Millions of barrels of oil each. france and russia of course top the list. And george galloway. "Quelle surprise".
Like any other totalitarian state (nazi germany was a prime example; they kept detailed records of what they were doing in the concentration camps and elsewhere), saddam hussein's ba'ahtshit regime recorded and filed everything.
Do you remember how all those russians, french, arabs and others were so over the top vociferous before, during and just after the second Iraq war? Impotent entities like france and galloway put so much, everything even, on the line (galloway so much so that he was suspended from the liebour party). And all those idiots joining the anti-war 'let hussein continue to murder Iraqi civilians' marches, cheering for their big hero galloway while he was laughing all the way to his swiss bank accounts (stupidity, ignorance, lazy thinking, naive - whool, eyes, over, pulled).
All those russians, french, arabs and others knew what would be found if the Coalition of the Willing went to war in Iraq.

Update: The money quote in this article is good:

"Former Interior Minister Charles Pasqua is not involved, but maybe other former ministers are involved"
-- Charles Pasqua --

Hehe. The rats are already starting to rat on each other. This could very well prove to be the biggest shake-up in Western political history. Enron will be relegated to the 'peanuts' category.

Update: Let's see if galloway will continue with his mindless law suit against a couple of the British papers over the last oil "scandal". This was what he said when the last oil for food fiasco was revealed:

"I have never in my life seen a barrel of oil, let alone owned, bought or sold one"

Interesting that he was so specific about owning, buying and selling...
galloway should be done for treason (dated back to 1997 UK law!!)

Update: Bastard Sword links to a bunch more articles and makes his usual entertaining and 'to the point' observations on the subject.

And french president jacques 'The Crook' chiraq™ took bribes as well? Nah! "It can't be true". My whole looney leftist world is falling apart! Surely only the evil American Capitalists™ are corrupt? galloway and 'The Crook' chiraq™ are as white as pure snow and just can't be corrupt, can they...? I mean, surely they don't know the meaning of the concept 'self-interest'. sniff, sniff.

The sequel to 'mein kampf' 

Here's a review of hitler's second book, the unpublished sequel to his first book, 'mein kampf'.
Some excerpts:

But of course Hitler was about much more than this. He was also a pathological mass murderer who caused the death of millions and the destruction of Europe, and so it is important to know that he did precisely what he promised to do. For we still do not seem to have learned a simple crucial lesson that Hitler taught us more definitively than anyone else in history: some people, some regimes, some ideologies, some political programs, and, yes, some religious groups, must be taken at their word. Some people mean what they say, and say what they will do, and do what they said.

Most liberal-minded, optimistic, well-meaning people are loath to believe this. They would rather think that fanaticism is merely an "epiphenomenal" façade for politics, that opinions can be changed, that everyone can be corrected and improved. In many cases, this is true--but not in all cases, and not in the most dangerous ones. There are those who practice what they preach and are proud of it. They view those who act otherwise, who compromise and pull back from ultimate conclusions, as opportunists, as weaklings, as targets to be easily conquered and subdued by their own greater determination, hardness, and ruthlessness. When they say they will kill you, they will kill you--if you do not kill them first.

Hitler taught humanity an important lesson. It is that when you see a Nazi, a fascist, a bigot, or an anti-Semite, say what you see. If you want to justify it or excuse it away, describe accurately what it is that you are trying to excuse away. If a British newspaper publishes an anti-Semitic cartoon, call it anti-Semitic. If the attacks on the Twin Towers were animated by anti-Semitic arguments, say so. If a Malaysian prime minister expresses anti-Semitic views, do not try to excuse the inexcusable. If a self-proclaimed liberation organization calls for the extermination of the Jewish state, do not pretend that it is calling for anything else. The absence of clarity is the beginning of complicity.

Read the whole thing.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

The french are being serious about deathcult™ terrorism?!? 

Taking into consideration that some events in france might be pointing to some "waking up" taking place, albeit probably too late, and maybe even a mini version of the proverbial gauntlet being thrown down; and also that they've had their very own algerian deathcult™ terrorists blowing up a few 'metros' a wile back: This is interesting.
The thought does come to mind that the US can not be accused of being the only nation to deploy fighters to escort passenger planes entering or flying over their airspace.

There is of course the usual whining:

The unions said that pilots were alarmed by French Air Force Mirage jets taking up position close behind airliners without warning. “The unions deplore this excessive security, which could endanger the lives of passengers and crew,” the SNPL, CGT and SCPNAC unions said. “It is difficult for pilots when they are in the sights of combat aircraft.”

Hmmm... excessive security, which could endanger the lives of passengers and crew? Difficult for pilots when they are in the sights of combat aircraft?
The french airforce isn't the best in the world but they're not that bad either. And surely these airline pilots would be in a lot more difficulty if they were in the sights of a mohammad-bin-shoebomber™ about to use one of these mobile phones on them or if some other muslimist was about to slit their throat with a Stanley knife.
The Mirages are routinely escorting flights arriving from the Middle East, the US and elsewhere.

So is that everywhere then or...? Can't news sensationalist fiction papers ever be clear or otherwise just omit their usual waffle if they don't have the required information? In the universe where pigs fly, maybe.
And here's a typical union official for you:
Dominique Bonnet, an Air France pilot and SNPL union official, said. “They come up behind, so they are not seen by the pilots and passengers and presumably that is where they can aim at us best.”

Hehe. This guy must have actually done a little "research" on the subject. Or maybe he's just guessing. Radar guided missiles are fine from most directions but coming in on your target's six o'clock is indeed, for a variety of reasons, usually 'best'.
Finally there's this little tidbit:
Any order to shoot at a civilian aircraft would have to come from Jean-Pierre Raffarin, the Prime Minister, they say.

Friday, January 23, 2004

Why the leftists hate Israel (and the US) 

The leftist latte liberal chattering classes™ are one of today's bastions of vitriolic, blind hatred and biggotry, emanating from the usual lack of factual knowledge and context (in which to place that knowledge) required to reach such a state of mind. This is of course combined with the requisite, near-total and blind adherence to 'the ideology'™ (which is of course "the perfect ideology"™ (what else could it be and don't you dare suggest otherwise or you'll be shot!) and will solve all past, current and future problems if only those pesky people who don't fit in - usually the Jews and now of course also the Americans - didn't exist. Therefore they, of course (isn't it obvious? can't you see?) "have to be deported or, better yet, exterminated". Or if they're (curses, curses) too powerful to kill, vilified).

Not surprisingly, the two currently predominant incarnations of that attitude towards life, looney leftistism and muslimism, don't only look a lot like each other, but they actually are virtually identical in their behaviour, rhetoric and strategy and the tactics they employ. Moreover, they have, over the last ten years or so, been increasingly working together towards the common cause for hatred™.

Of all the formerly separate groups that strove for that particular cause - stalinists, white supremacists, trotskyists, kkk, mecha, black panthers, muslim brotherhood, anarchists, environmental activists terrorists, neo-nazis, marxists, ira, eta, plo, abu nidal, black september, hizebola, leninists, aryan botherhood, the red brigades, etc. ad infinitum - it seems only the kkk/white supremacists and neo-nazis have not yet been assimilated into this broader movement for hatred.

The American Thinker takes a closer look at the leftists and their hatred.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

The primary lesson of history 

I read the following on this LGF discussion thread.
It is a wonderfully succinct quote to accompany this earlier post:

The primary lesson of history is "Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it"

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Winston Churchill 

in one of his best-known quotes.

The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent virtue of socialism is the equal sharing of misery.

-- Winston Churchill --

Update. Some more quotes on capitalism:
Capitalism says, "Here is the ladder, let all climb who can"; socialism says "Here is the line, wait your turn".

Friedrich Hayek said: "Capitalism lets you buy what you want. Socialism makes you dependent on someone in power giving it to you."

"Opportunity is missed by most people because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work."
-- Thomas Edison --

Sunday, January 18, 2004

From where do we get our information? 

This is one of the most important questions you can ask. It affects all areas of our lives; money, health, stability, security, happiness, enjoyment, the list is endless.
It of course also, usually in somewhat less tangible ways, affects how we each individually and collectively view the world and the people around us.
Orson Scott Card takes a look at this:

Against all evidence, the reporters tell us that they saw exactly what they expected -- no, what they longed -- to see.

The first reality check is a thorough knowledge of history. Human behavior has not changed a whit in any important way for the past four thousand years. There are patterns of causality; certain kinds of things happen over and over, for similar reasons and with similar results. So when you see them happening again, but with an accompanying story about how wonderful and new they are, you're better able to look at them with skepticism.

Friday, January 16, 2004

Murray's Rule 

Murray's Rule:

Any country with "democratic" in the title isn't.

The un lists:
Democratic People's Republic of Korea (aka north korea)
Democratic Republic of the Congo
German Democratic Republic (aka east germany)
Lao People's Democratic Republic
Democratic Yemen (aka yemen)

Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Choosing sides 

There is a saying that "to win a battle, you have to beat the enemy's army. To win the war, you need to beat their country".
Choosing sides is a major part of that fight.

Update: Here are a couple of interesting posts about fighting a 'total war':
The March Toward Total War and Before We Grow Too Ugly.

Spot on 

As Jonathan Kay of Canada's National Post once memorably put it (from Mark Steyn):

If Robert Mugabe walked into an Arab League summit he'd be the most democratically legitimate leader in the room.

Sunday, January 11, 2004

Today's quote 

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.

Articles on the deathcult™ 

Powerline looks at some recent articles about the deathcult™.
hizballahland, Curb your islam, World War III and Geo-politics for beginners.


From An Englishman's Castle, this little gem.

So the German relatives are over staying with us for a couple of days. My little Girl is playing with her new dolls house. The visiting child opens the attic and spots some dolls. "Oh look, dere are some hiding in der attic. I vonder who they are?"

Thank goodness I managed to stifle my automatic response, "the Frank family" otherwise I think it would have been a very frosty evening.

Friday, January 09, 2004

Interview with the deathcult™ 

Today's 'tidbit' comes from James Lileks (spotted it on Tim Blair)

Update: Looks like the real life deathcult™ is copying parody:

"She is not going to be the last (attacker) because the march of resistance will continue until the Islamic flag is raised, not only over the minarets of Jerusalem, but over the whole universe," Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar said. [emphasis added]


An officer in the U.S. Naval reserve was attending a conference that included admirals from both the U.S. Navy and the french navy. At a cocktail reception, he found himself in a small group that included personnel from both navies.

The french admiral started complaining that whereas Europeans learned many languages, Americans learned only English. He then asked: "Why is it that we have to speak English in these conferences rather than you speak french?"

Without hesitating, the American Admiral replied: "Maybe it's because the Brits, Canadians, Aussies and Americans arranged it so you would not have to speak German."

The group became silent.

Thursday, January 08, 2004

The music business 

"The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway
where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs.
There's also a negative side."

-- Hunter S. Thompson --

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Words are easy 

"Bush = hitler"™; "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter"™; and so on and so forth.
As the saying goes: "Those who can, do. Those who can't, criticise".
So much easier to lie, complain, piss and moan: "Oh, life is so unfair. Why do things never go my way. It's all America's fault. Blah blah blah." etc. ad infinitum.

Life is the way it is, so deal with it. The fact remains that if you want something, you go get it. Everybody else does (in some way or another). And the only person who's going to stand up for you is yours truly, your very self (you usually get some assistance from good friends and family but not so much if you take that for granted and abuse their help)

If, for instance, chamberlain and the french had stood up to hitler in 1936 when he (in violation of the Treaty of Versailles) sent german troops into the Rhineland, WWII might not have started a few years later (The discussion about what might have been e.g. if WWII had started in the mid-1940s instead, when german scientists could have potentially already developed the atom bomb and other much more powerful weapons for the german military, is a discussion in itself)
The fact is that chamberlain and the french didn't do anything effective and WWII ensued (which, seeing that they allowed something that disastrous to happen because of their own gross negligence, makes them partially responsible for the 60 million people who died as a result)

Bush, Howard, Blair, Aznar and Miller (subsequently joined by others) recently did what they did in Iraq. And many things have come out of those actions, many good things in my opinion.
Good without a doubt is that the Iraqi people are no longer being terrorised and "vanished in the middle of the night" by their former ba'ahtshit dictators and the fedayeen thugs.
Good is that the world where people who are not subject to random acts of death and mutilation by their totalitarian regime, where those people who have more choices and more freedom, has just been expanded by one more country. In view of the concept of keeping your own destiny as much as possible in your own hands, and I was lucky to be born in and live in a country where that is more the case than in many of the other countries on this planet, this is definitely a good thing.
It is also good that there is now one more oil producing country that isn't being run by a bunch of totalitarian thugs. Being at the mercy of said thugs because they happen to be sitting on top of some of the world's largest oil reserves is not good. A repeat of the sort of opec oil embargo we suffered in the 70s would not be a good thing. (Much better of course, would be to end the world's dependance on totalitarian arab dictatorship oil entirely. Technology is getting us there but our politicians and the oil companies are, surprise surprise, not too keen on getting us there quickly)

People however live in their own little "reality" and love to wax eloquently about it. But many of those "realities" are rather far removed from reality i.e. the way it is. And words come easy when you got it good. They can come easy when you got it bad too, but secret police bullets in the neck and plastic shredders come just as easy in those places.

- Regarding the looney left's current favourite "Bush = hitler"™; do some research about hitler and start showing some respect for his victims.
- Regarding the mantra "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter"™; get real and do some research about the perpetrators of terrorism and those who fund them.
- Regarding the ever popular "USA = nazi germany"™; once again, do some research about the nazi regime (try starting here if you're interested) and show some respect for it's victims.
- Regarding the mass media's favourite "Iraq is a quagmire"™; Get your facts straight and get the context, into which you place those facts, right (like these people seem to have done). The media's job is to sell more news sensationalist fiction (aka infotainment), which in turn generates more advertising revenue. It is not their job to report facts.
Doom, Death and Destruction™ sells. Facts don't, it seems.

So do your own research and at least try to know what you're talking about, before spewing out your oh so important opinion on things you very probably don't know enough about.

Monday, January 05, 2004

The NoBody Count 

I spotted today's 'tidbit' on InstaPundit:
The Blog o'RAM NoBody Count has a running tally of the number of lives saved in Iraq each day.
I suppose some might dismiss it as merely hypothetical or just abstract maths. In the continuing quest to understand what's happening in the world around us however, it does paint a vivid picture.

Update: Blog o'RAM follows up on all the comments and other responses they received. I noticed this very true statement, and most eloquently put it is too.

The real world sometimes offers no right choice, just a range of murky wrong choices, and you have to try to pick the best of a bad lot.

And this to round off:
And finally, Tommy G asks a question that deserves to be quoted and answered: "UML Guy - do you guys remember when the left used to be about 'remembering the past' and 'historical perspective'? Yeah, me too. Weren't those heady days?" Yep, Tommy, I remember: that was when I was a Democrat.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

What is really revealed... 

Let me start off by touching upon the phenomenon of the 'accusation' - i.e. when someone accuses someone (or something) else of something - and the well-known pattern that, most times, the accusation itself actually reveals quite a bit about the accuser while having little or no bearing on the accused. The typical sequence being that the accuser looks at him or herself in the mirror, sees something (he probably doesn't like) and reflects whatever that is in the accusation subsequently directed at the other person.

This brings me to the topic for today's post:
One salient example of the moral bankruptcy of the looney left brigade (and some others) is the way they so glibly reel off the mantra, "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter"™ in such a casual throw-away fashion, without ever acknowledging or even apparently realising the gravity of the subject matter they've just broached. The bbc (bye bye credibility) is a prime example of one of these relativistic entities. Maybe they really don't have any idea of what they're talking about and it's all a game or just "another cafe dicussion topic" to them - ignorance is supposed to be bliss, after all.
More likely however is that they do know and are very aware of what the deathcultis up to but simply don't give a shit. It might well be a game but they treat it very seriously, only caring about the advancement of their own insidious agenda, whatever the cost, and condoning whatever sick activities happen to fall within the ambit of their fight against reality. Machiavellianism certainly seems to be running strong and deep within the looney left brigade these days.

So what about "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter"™? It sounds like such an "intellectual" thing to say, n'est-ce-pas? So often used, with the obligatory wag of the condescending index finger, to throw up a quasi-philosophical smoke screen of abstraction in defense of whatever turns out to be the looney left's current pet atrocity.
Well. This particular mantra is certainly factually correct. One man's terrorist can indeed be another man's freedom fighter.
As a matter of fact, and this is also where the problem lies with this sort of inane relativism, it is just as correct as the statements "One man's Jew is another man's Untermensch (subhuman)" and "one man's black guy is another man's nigger".

The crux of course, is that which one you choose (just like with an accusation) doesn't necessarily reflect anything about the individual being referred to with this throw-away remark.
It says something about you and where you stand as a human being in relation to the world and the people around you.
So here's a subtle hint: This is not a SimCity game. Nor is it some light-hearted word game to be played over an espresso in your local cafe.
This is a real world, inhabited by real flesh and blood people with real lives, who have real friends and relatives and who do suffer when some freedom fighter asshole terrorist blows them and their loved ones up with a passenger plane, car-bomb or a bomb-belt packed with rusty bits of metal laced with rat poison.
There's nothing romantically heroic or fluffy about that. It's serious. And terrorism is definitely not something that can be casually dismissed with a magical wave of the "one man's terrorist"™ mantra.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Happy New Year !!! :-) 

Just got back home from a great New Year's party with friends ! (thanks Suzanne :-)

I hope you all achieve the things you want and go for this coming year!
Within reason, of course ;-)

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