Sunday, September 05, 2004

Deathcult massacre of school children 

Summary of the deathcult mass murder of Russian school children and their parents and teachers:
One or two nail bombs, that the deathcult set in the gym where all the children were being kept hostage, exploded; some kids then tried to escape and the deathcult shot them in the back while they were running away from the school. The Russian troops, who had not planned to storm the building, returned fire trying to prevent the deathcult from murdering the kids while escaping. The deathcult then blew up the gymnasium with all the children inside.

The death toll so far:
The official total for the number of hostages is 1,191.
There are 323 people dead, 156 of them children.
270 bodies have been identified.
And 260 people are missing!!!

The deathcult certainly planned this well in advance and specifically picked the first day back at school in order to take as many children and parents (as well as the teachers) hostage as it could.
As soon as the deathcult took over the school, it immediately started murdering the Russian hostages; the people murdered in the courtyard, during the initial attack on Wednesday, were just left there to rot.


These sites have detailed accounts of the deathcult's attack and mass murder of the Russian schoolchildren and their parents and teachers.
Command Post
Logic Sanity
More translations of Russian news wires

BTW. Have you noticed how busy the deathcult has been recently?
deathcult attacks school
deathcult blows up bus murdering 16 people
deathcult murders 10 people in busy Moscow street
deathcult murders 12 Nepalese hostages
The deathcult's covert war against the US
deathcult murders 20 people in Kirkuk

Not to forget the 2 Russian passenger planes that the deathcult blew up in the air last week, murdering nearly one hundred people.

Well, well...
An opinion piece in the presstitution indus... deathcult propagan... "mainstream media" that actually calls a spade a spade?!?
Now that I've picked my jaw up off the floor, here's the article.

A little background on the spread of the deathcult virus in the southern Russian regions:
Beware that, as per usual, the associated presstitutes don't give us the full picture. In the following sentence:
"Although most chechens are muslim..."
they took out the word "now"; or any other word or description for that matter that would have correctly conveyed that this region was once virus-free.
deathcult virus spreads throughout southern Russian regions

The currently best-publicised, ongoing example of how the deathcult virus slowly spreads throughout and infests a region, committing genocide against all who aren't of the deathcult, and finally turns the territory into a totally kuhfar-free, virus-only zone, is of course sudan.

A historically very telling example is indonesia; now the world's most densely virus-infested territory, which was completely virus-free a few hundred years ago.

Finally, do a little observing in the coming week or two.
Just see if you can spot any of those mythical "moderate" muslimists the presstitution industry (and the deathcult with their insistence about being the "religionism of peace™") keeps talking about.
Just see if this mythical "moderate" deathcult distances itself from violent jihad; and I mean *really* distances itself. Not just "objects" because the mass murder of children "harms the image of islam"; or claims that the perpetrators "weren't really muslimists"; or whatever other such form of condoning jihad the deathcult always comes up with.

Just see if you can actually find any of the deathcult virus that really does distance itself...

Then read this to understand why you didn't.

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