Monday, May 31, 2004

Some quotes 

Came across these little gems in MutantX and Bab5. They describe latte leftistism rather well.
From an early episode of MutantX:

It's classic denial. A mind that can't deal with the facts just willing them out of existence.

From the Babylon 5, season 4 episode The Deconstruction of Falling Stars:
You don't want to know. You only want to speak.

In law, "Ignorance of the law is no defense"
i.e. the fact that you do not know that an act is a crime defined by statute, is no defense if you are charged.
This is something of which all these lazy-thinking leftists, who don't do any of their own research but have strong opinions anyway, should be continually reminded.

Ignorance (of the subject matter at hand) is not a defense

Getting back to "not being able to deal with the facts", we have this well-known quote by that well-known socialist:
A single death is a tragedy,
a million deaths is a statistic.

-- joseph stalin --

Finally - as this post is all about quotes - these words are of great relevance:
Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced - even a proverb is no proverb to you till your life has illustrated it.

-- John Keats --

Iraq War recollections 

By US Marine Brian Taylor: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 and Part 5.

Is the US sometimes it's own worst enemy? 

From Samizdata

I just propose that the only rational way to fight a war is to fight a war, and that means using whatever force is needed to defeat your enemy. This is not exactly a revolutionary concept in most military circles. In the case of Iraq, this just means using the usual range of weapons and tactics and applying them with resolution. There is nothing about Iraq that is at all unusual or outside historical experience to suggest this need be more than a footnote in military history.

Today's quote 

Every society has it's extremists... it's the amount of control, or lack thereof, that a society places upon these individuals that makes a difference

Saturday, May 15, 2004

The 7th century deathcult 

Within a century of its creation, the deathcult had already started invading and taking over the middle east and parts of the far east and europe and proceeded to plunge this part of the world into what is nowadays referred to as the Dark Ages.
The deathcult may be using newer technology and tools now, taken from the Westernised cultures and countries of course, but its approach and methods haven't changed at all since the virus began to spread 14 centuries ago.

The deathcult and it's history of beheadings
Pictures of muslimists carrying out their "beliefs"
More detailed history of one of the deathcult's perennial favourites
This guy will soon be joining Salman Rushdie in hiding from fatwas for writing stuff like this
Some stillshots from the video made by the muslimists while murdering Nicholas Berg

Quote of the day 

From BuzzMachine

Our current struggle is the first in our history as a nation in which the roll call of the dead contains a majority of civilians. This is our enemy's goal, for they are murderers, not soldiers.

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