Saturday, March 13, 2004

An open letter to the lll 

Dear latte leftist,

Have a read of this:
Evil's Advantage Over Conscience

And this:
Europe's 9-11

Or maybe you've already put down your latte and left your local cafe to join your looney leftist friends and the others that give you your opinion and the soundbytes ("The Americans should ask themselves blah blah...) you so blithely repeat, in demonstrating against Spain whilst carrying banners blaming the Spanish for this latest in a never-ending stream of terrorist mass-murders?

The Spanish did kick the moors out of Spain back in the 15th century after all. Very legitimate reason for the islamists to kill as many Spanish as possible now.
Once territory is dar-al-islam (as Spain was before the moors were finally kicked out), it must, as the koran states, never become non-muslimist territory again.

Spain did. Bad Spanish for doing that! They therefore "deserve to die!!". The latte left use that all the time against Israel, Iraq and the US, so you'll be using it against Spain now, no doubt.
Or are you employing your legendary double standards again?

You might not want to forget that the moors were beaten back from Vienna in the mid 17th century. Vienna could be next.

You really must ask yourself why the islamists hate you so much. Your ancestors were horrible to those poor innocent, peace-loving moors with their little toy swords. And the islamists have long memories (see all the references the islamists e.g. bin laden make to these historical events).

Here is some useful advice for you so you can come across as 'hip' amongst your looney leftist idiot friends and the political "discussions" you have in your local cafe whilst sipping frappuccinos:
Do not use the word 'terrorist'. Use terms like "militants", "guerillas", "commandos" or even better, "supporters", "fans" and "enthusiasts".

And of course don't forget to keep referring to terrorists with the evergreen, "victim™"; and naturellement blame it on the evil Bushitler™. And now of course also on the evil Aznarhitler™.

Those poor, peace-loving, innocent, "oppressed" al quaeda and eta "supporters" had no other choice but to join forces and "express" themselves in "fighting back" against the evil Americans™.

And the evil Joooos™ of course. Mustn't waste an opportunity to blame everything on them. The nazis certainly didn't. And their offspring, the looney left, continues to carry that torch with the usual blind socialist a.k.a. fascist pride and hate-filled vigour.

How's your memory of history doing? Still conveniently "forgetting" things like the reason for the Crusades? Have you even bothered researching the Crusades?
Still living in your latte leftist 'everything's nice and sugar and spice' fantasy world?

Or are you still arrogant enough to 'believe' that because you wouldn't do something like slit a few dozen stuardess' and captain's throats and then fly several passenger planes into some office buildings, nobody else would either?

Have you even tried to smell the coffee you drink?

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