Wednesday, March 17, 2004

islamism to Spain: "Message received and understood" 

I have seen comments on this from a variety of angles already. What can almost certainly be said is the following:

We will probably never know for sure what the outcome of the Spanish elections might have been had the mass-murder in Madrid commited by islamists - and probably in conjuction with their eta brethren - not occured.
What we do know however is that, broadly speaking, the following sequence of events took place:

1. Spanish election date was set for the 14th March 2004
2. islamists commit mass-murder with a very high profile terrorist attack against Spanish civilians just a few days before election day
3. The Spanish people then vote with fairly convincing numbers for the socialist opposition
4. New socialist leader immediately blames the US for the mass-murder commited by the islamist deathcult™ and starts the process of withdrawing Spanish troops from Iraq

The various elements which provide a context in which to place these events e.g. the islamist deathcult™ 'master plan' to exterminate anything that's not muslimist, which of course includes returning Spain to dar-al-islam; the fascist's (a.k.a. socialist's a.k.a. latte leftist's) renewed confidence in openly spewing their virrulent hatred against the US and the "Jews"; the accompanying, automatic, blind 'assumption' that it's "the Iraq involvement" that's to blame for "making Spain a target"; etc. have been and are being widely discussed by many, so I will not comment on these in this post.

What can be said very simply however is that this is not, to put it mildly, the best of messages to be sending to the deathcult™ at this time.

The relevant quotes and cliches are of course:

Advance with bayonet. If you encounter mush, proceed. If you encounter steel, withdraw.
-- lenin --

Also once again:
The primary lesson of history is "Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it"

And in an endeavour not to forget the past, let us remember that many terrorist acts were commited during the last century
1. either well before any conflict had started and resulting in little or no actual retaliatory actions in return - Lusitania anyone?
2. at the onset of the conflict where the attacking party is already waging total war whilst the other party hasn't yet begun to fight the enemy with any means necessary to win - germans waging unrestricted submarine warfare in WWI (which had its reverberations in WWII); Polish cities bombed; Rotterdam bombed; The London blitz and Coventry are some well-known examples

Finally, it is important to realise and remember that terrorism already has been defeated by military means in the past e.g. the British Navy was very successful in the past against the scourge of piracy.

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